Things to Consider While Choosing Theme for Your Shopify Store

Things to Consider While Choosing Theme for Your Shopify Store

A recent study found that online shopping booming like never before. E-commerce is growing rapidly. If you want to launch your e-commerce store then Shopify is the best option. So many people love Shopify. Why?


One of the main reasons business owners love Shopify because of its theme. It makes your E-commerce store unique and flexible. It gives your customer a positive user experience. Let’s understand how to choose a Shopify theme.

  • Easy to use
  • scalability
  • Security

What are shopify themes?

Shopify themes are templates that make your website very unique and different. It can attract, engage and convert traffic to your website. Design plays a massive role to attract customers. Choosing is a theme for a store is a very crucial task. Your theme represents your niche, your industry. Choose a theme that makes your customers engaged.

Why shopify theme matters?

Brand personality 

Your personality should reflect in your brand. Customers can easily relate to themselves. The brand is not about the only logo but it creates certain emotions. Excitement, lovingness. Here your theme can play an important part to create that characteristic. As result customers attract naturally because they can feel those emotions with a brand.

Website’s UX

Your website UX determine by your theme. Color scheme, navigation, layout, and more determined by your theme. How your customer’s experience is determined by how your theme looks. If customers have a positive experience then they keep coming back.

6 tips to pick up the perfect theme for your Shopify store

Here are few tips for you.

Consider budget

How much you willing to pay for it. For a better look at your website, a good amount needs to be spent on a theme. Well-known developers charge more. If it has drag and drop features then you have to pay more. Some themes have SEO features then they contain more prizes.

Make sure about theme features and functionality before buying. 

Prioritize your theme

Choosing the right theme is very important. Shopify has a very wide range of themes available. You can be sure to get a quality theme which has update regular basis and world-class support.

List functions you want.

List down the features which you want on your theme. Find out a theme that full fill most of your requirements. Help you to cut down your cost. To find the features check out the theme preview page. You can have a live store demo to feel all the features that you are considering.

Consider niche

Pick a theme that is related to your niche. For example, if your store that sells health products then you can’t choose electronic items themes. Electronic items theme has many advanced features which have no use for your store. Make sure you search themes according to your niche and products.

Deign and aesthetics 

Well, design a Shopify store can attract more customers and generate more traffic on your store. You must attract and retain customers to your store. Looking from the SEO perspective keyword research is more important to generate traffic and help in Google ranking. Apart from that color combination and design of your theme play a vital role to retain customers to your store.

  • Attractive store page
  • Easy and clean UX design to understand.
  • Color pattern.

Mobile friendly theme

Website speed plays a crucial role in Google ranking, bounce rate. To offer fast speed and easy access to customers you need a lightweight theme that is easy to use and customers can easily access without any hesitation. 

Light weight avoids busy elements like animation, fancy scroll bar which increase the size of the file. Because of light weight theme, customers can easily navigate around your store.

Easy checkout

The study showed that 70 percent of e-commerce store loses their sell because of the complicated checkout process.

That’s why you should make the checkout process very simple where customers see the total cost.

Make sure when picking a theme that makes the check-out process very easy and clean.

You can see best examples of Shopify themes for conversions are Brooklyn, icon.


If you have a large number of products then you need a theme that can display them beautifully. The theme should make it easy for customers to find what they are looking for.

Expression is one of the best themes that can help you. It includes a drop-down menu bar, advanced search functionality, and a dynamic slide show. Other features are 

  • Versatile side bar area.
  • Product image roll over.
  • Grid-style layout.


More entrepreneurs launching e-commerce stores. One of the most trusted platforms for launching a store in Shopify. Carefully select or design a theme which you use.

Remember your theme affects your store traffic. Keep three things in your mind while choosing a Shopify theme.

  • User experience
  • Aesthetics
  • Performance

Which shopify theme do you most like? What do you like about it? comment below.